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Sunday, 20 November 2016 • 20:20 • 3 zombies

Hi . Recently Al baru lepas visit my friend dekat hospital. I was so terrified when her parents called and told me the news.But I was more terrified when I heard the reason why she's in the hospital.

I expect some tragic reason why she's there maybe a car accident,fall from stairs ke ,terlanggar tiang lampu ke or something like that. But their answers shocked me.


I never expected that answers not even once it crossed my mind that things will happened. I mean she's so bright and bubbly . She's a class clown. Tapi itulah betul la kata orang

The most beautiful mind is the most damaged one

Aku tak expect dia akan jadi macam tu. I thought I know her so well ,I thought so. All this time bila kitorang tanya dia kenapa tak makan,dia akan kata "Aku tengah diet". I know it's another excuse for her eating disoder. Aku tahu dia fobia. She used to be bullied cause she's a plus sized girl and she still thinks she is.All of the bones on her body popping out , I know she's not okay . I tried my best to help her. 

But I was wrong .

It's not the only things she struggling with. I never imagined she would depressed because of it. And the thought she almost killed herself because of it really got me on the edge. But I know I can't give up right now,not when she needed me the most. But what sad me the most is when her others family member couldn't stop giving her that dirty looks when they know that she attempted to commit suicide . The act like she just trying to get their attention desperately. That disgusted look. Ugh . 

Malaysian punya thinking kinda fucked up. Cara dorang react to someone that commit suicide,macam dorang tu hina sangat. I can't even. Tak semua orang yang commit suicide is budak mentah yang just broke up or shit like that. The range of suicidal people is so wide. There a few Malaysian yang anggap Depression ni some kind of excuse for attention seeker instead of mental disorder. 

For those who struggling with with mental disoder or know anybody that might struggling with it ,tolong jangan diamkan diri. Seek helps. Your problem matters , you matters. This thing lethal but doesn't mean it can't be fixed. Suicide isn't the only answer.


Lifeline Association of Malaysia 

Hotline: (063) 92850279
Hotline: (063) 92850049